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A one-stop platform where you can buy, sell, and trade with fellow reefers is launching soon

About Meta Reef

We’re driven by our ambition to create a lively, convenient, and secure marketplace that unites reef enthusiasts, enabling them to effortlessly buy and sell corals.

As part of our comprehensive platform, we’re also dedicated to fostering a vibrant, knowledgeable community, providing insightful articles, extensive guides, and a coral directory, all designed to simplify and enhance the reefing experience. Dive into Meta Reef and join our mission to shape a thriving, well-informed, and engaging community for all things reef-keeping.

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Marketplace Launching Soon

We’ve crafted a unique platform to bring together hobbyists and professionals for easy, secure buying, selling, and trading of corals. Our marketplace aims to greatly improve and simplify how you find the perfect frag.

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Marketplace Features

One-stop Shop

Find, buy, sell, and trade corals all in one place.

In-App Messaging

Talk privately with other users before buying

Reviews and Ratings

Make confident decisions based on fellow reefers feedback.

Transparent Transactions

Clear and straightforward process for buying and selling.

User-friendly Interface

Navigating the marketplace is easy and intuitive.

Secure Platform

Safety and security of transactions are a top priority.

The Coral Codex

Just around the corner is our Coral Codex, an in-depth and user-friendly marine life database directory to serve as a reference point for coral species. From popular favorites to exotic rarities, the Coral Codex will contain a wealth of knowledge about corals’ care needs, compatibility, growth patterns, and much more.

What’s even more exciting? Each entry will be interconnected with our upcoming MetaReef Marketplace, linking you directly to available specimens of each coral type. Plus, our user-generated photo feature will provide a diverse look at each coral under different conditions, aiding in identification and appreciation.

Stay tuned for updates on our Coral Codex and join us as we work towards making it the most comprehensive resource available for reef enthusiasts!

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